Rainy Day: Burberry

Rainy day makes me feel gloomy, eventhough it slows me down from my daily routine, I realize that it’s good to cool myself. I know not all of us want to walk in the rain, but I do. lols… of course it’s not nice walking under the pouring rain, but the calm rain that would calm one’s mood by just watching it hits the ground could takes your mind off the things that you have been worrying or stressing about. Sometimes it is relaxing to watch the view. I would just listen to the beat of rain and feel the wind.

Fashion brand for the day:

Burberry! That’s the fashion brand that pops up on my head this morning. I think Burberry is a one of a kind fashion brand that really designs clothes and shoes that would meet your fashion need. From sunny to rainy day and from dressy to casual. Don’t you think so?


One response to “Rainy Day: Burberry

  1. I really like this ad and the red jacket.

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