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To Die For: Rebecca Minkoff Quilt MAB

I never get to know Rebecca Minkoff’s collection until people started to talk crazy about the bag lady. I didn’t really pay attention to her collection until I attended her seminar 2 months ago. It was a memorable experience, I finally met the famous designer of the Morning After Bag- I just got to know about MAB through the seminar. Yes, how outdated I was with the hottest trend in bag industry.

After attending the seminar, I went home and checked her website… every bag looks very functional and the details are great, however I must admit that I wasn’t in love with the MAB…I don’t know if its because of the pictures that gives me the impression of “plain. whats so special about MAB???” it looked too solid to me. I never understand how it makes people so in love with that bag…until I finally get to see MAB personally at Rebecca Minkoff’s sample sale today. Also, I have met the sister of original MAB, the Quilt MAB Mini…IT BLEW ME OFF!

The moment I saw and touched the bag… It brings back my old memories during college years, I had been searching for a mini luggage bag where I could stuff some clothes for the weekend getaway and still look chic and trendy. I used to carry at least 2 bags, one for my daily use and another small bag for my extra tank tops and leggings. I obviously had missed the existence of Morning After Bag by Rebecca Minkoff for years! I can’t believe the perfect bag is just in front of me, seriously to die for. It would be so dramatic  of me to say this, but ok… Rebecca, you really invented something that would flip the girls out and rock them with style! Way to go! Thank you for the great design and for being passionate about innovation. Looking forward to see your new outstanding collection. There…I finally said it! phew.. Rebecca, if you happen to read this, it will be my pleasure to see you smile.


Rebecca Minkoff collections : Sample Sale 5/11

Are you a big fan of Rebecca Minkoff’s collection??? if you are, do stop by! I will definitely check out the sample sale event!

Spring Accessory-Avant Garde Style

I just can’t get enough with the spring season. Totally loving the greens and flowers blooming.

Picnic with friends:

You may notice something fun popping on my head…Yes a headband. My key spring accessory is definitely this satin covered headband features a sequined tulle bow with feather accents and faceted jewel in the center. An avant garde hear accessory for an avant garde fashionista.

Forever 21: Tulle and Satin headband

Product photo:

Friday: Wild Tonight

My wild choice of shoes and gloves for tonight:

Animal Pattern & Black Leather

BCBG Girls High Heels

Renoma (Korea) Black Leather Gloves

I love the simplicity of this glove with cute flower detail. =)

Be Jeweled

My current inspiration for my wardrobe these days comes from jewelries. I cannot go out without wearing jewelries otherwise I feel so naked. Ahem i know how weird it may sound haha… but adding a little glam to complete the overall look isn’t too bad. In fact, it adds some charm on it… what do you think?

I found some affordable jewelries from Forever 21 and would like to share it with you. Forever 21 is always on trend and they have the most interesting jewelries ever…the brand itself also been featured in some Korean famous series and I feel so proud of forever 21. lols…

Photos from

Geometric Bag = Treasure Bag

I saw an interesting bag at ZARA today. TRF handbag…I fell in love with the bag instantly! The detail of the bag’s closure was so different and unique. This is a MUST COLLECT for bag collectors.

Pink Story : HM

Create your romance with H&M fall fashion : Pink Story

pinkstory H&M

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