Searching for the Perfect Pair

I am searching for the perfect ballet flats for the spring/summer. I haven’t decided where to get it yet, but I created a wish list. Anyone owns any pair of these?  please give me some suggestions. =)

Tory Burch – Powder Suede Reva flats

Salvatore Ferragamo “Varina Animalier” Flats. 

Tory Burch – Romy Flats


Tulips: Spring Finally Arrived!

I haven’t seen tulips for awhile…it’s great to have the spring back. I truly adore these lovely tulips that I accidentally found in upper west side NY. Hope you enjoyed looking at these pictures.

Randomness of the Week

It is interesting to see some random scenes in our daily lives…

imageI was in the car, unexpected to see this infront of me!

Okay… so this is how people park their scooter in Flushing NY.. in the middle of the road and ready to be crashed by another car.

Below 2 images are taken inside Macy’s Flushing NY. I was soOo shOcked to see these scene and ladies were literally shopping the shoes by picking up the best styles they saw on the floor… wow…

The New World

I know I haven’t been in touch with my blog for awhile to talk about my days and inspirations. Many things happened and one of the wonderful things that happened to me was I got a job right after school! I couldn’t wait to tell you how much I love my work and my boss is wonderful. Maybe I am too excited about the work, therefore I started to express my thoughts and ideas on how to make the company grow and become better… Have you ever feel extremely excited about your work and wanted to make everything work out as you expected? I have no bad intentions on expressing my thoughts yet I am starting to feel that people around are threaten by me…or maybe I am threaten by them? which was not the case. I had no time to waste on what other people thought of me. There was a kind of adrenaline that made me want to dash forward and perform my very best. It may sound crazy, but I actually enjoyed the challenge.

Having a career is a new world to me. I find myself devoting more time on work, excited about upcoming things that is going to happen at work and most of all, being stable feels really good. I don’t need to worry about paying all the expenses and hoping that life could just get better and better. I do miss my old times where I get to hangout with myself, hangout with friends and enjoy walking around the city to explore. Now there is a whole new world for me to explore on reality and the work industry that I am in. It could be tough, but I welcome the challenges.


Print Fashion

I am so into animal prints lately…i just cant resist this dress from Zara. The animal print is in blue and navy that gives a subtle and charming effect. Perfect for  Spring and an outdoor summer party!


Best waffles




If you happen to see a yellow vendor stand that sells waffle somewhere in manhattan, definitely don’t hesitate to go ahead and try the waffles. Waffles by Waffle and Dinges have great variety of flavors for you to feed your waffle craves. It was definitely a power breakfast for me before I start my day at work.

Elle Macpherson Intimates Holiday Sample Sale!

Elle Macpherson Intimates (EMI) is having their sample sale again! I am a big fan of their lingerie collection and I guarantee that anyone who ever buys any EMI would come back for the brand again! The designs are simply lovely, fashion forward and definitely shapes you up. Sample sale starts from December 13 to December 15, at 180 Madison Avenue Suite 1702 New York, NY 10016.